The Lillooet Chamber of Commerce is hosting our first Shop Local Campaign! Lillooet businesses can sign up to receive (1) a free marketing campaign for your business; (2) up to $10,000 in gift cards; and (3) new community partnerships and discounts in town.

This program is open to Lillooet Chamber members and our supporters. It will last throughout the spring of 2022 and beyond with limited spots available on a first come, first serve basis. Additional details will be released in the coming days and weeks. Email us at to get involved today!

(This program is funded through the BC Chamber of Commerce and intended to encourage local shopping and community building. We are grateful to the BC Chamber team for enabling us to start these programs.)


  • Abundance Artisan Bakery
  • AFK Business Consulting and Services
  • Arte Fact Jewels
  • Coldstream/Toll Spring Outdoor Academy
  • Debra Neufeld
  • Energy Works
  • Fort Berens
  • Grant-A-Wish
  • Health & Lifestyle Coach
  • IDA
  • KC Health and Gifts
  • Kimberly Gee Law
  • Lillooet Agriculture & Food Society
  • Lexem Creations
  • Lillooet Brewing Company
  • Lillooet FootCare
  • Lillooet HUB
  • Kasselman Creative
  • Rehab SPA
  • Pharmasave
  • Lillooet News
  • Lillooet Sea to Sky Optometry
  • Little Green Nuggets
  • Lost & Found Artisan and Thrift
  • One Love Farms
  • Rev-It-Up
  • Casie Menhinick PREC
  • Sagebrush Bookkeeping Services
  • Seed To Culture
  • Sparrow Excavation & Fencing
  • Spray Creek Ranch
  • Stein Business Development
  • Stellar Horticulture
  • Stone Fruit Parlor
  • The Wheelhouse
  • Timber-Mart
  • VirtualHelp Electronics
  • Fraser Canyon River Ranch
  • Athletic Therapy Practice


01Sign Up to the Campaign

Contact the Lillooet Chamber to be part of the campaign. Receive free marketing, professional videography, $250 in gift cards, and new partnerships in town!

02Receive Your Shop Local Package

Pick up your Shop Local package containing instructions to the program, terms & conditions, stickers, and the stamp cards for your customers.

If you run out throughout the program, contact the Chamber to get more.

03Share the Campaign

Display the stamp cards prominently in your store, and share the campaign with your customers. For every $10 spent, your customers can get 1 sticker to a maximum of 4 stickers.

With a full stamp card, they can receive a $25 gift card of their choice!

04 – Use the Stamp Cards

Stick the sticker on the stamp card for every $10 spent at your store for a maximum of 4 stickers per purchase. If you run low on cards let the Chamber team know!

05Pick Up a Gift Card

Return a full card to the Lillooet Community Connect Hub (633 Main Street, Lillooet BC) with your contact information. A full gift card will give you a choice of $25 to any Participating business!