Formed in 2012, St’át’imc Eco-Resources (SER) is a for-profit incorporated entity, comprising 9 of the 11 St’át’imc communities, including Xwisten, Xa’xtsa, N’Quatqua, Samahquam, Tsal’alh, Skatin, T’it’q’et, Ts’kw’aylaxw, Xaxli’p Indian Band.
SER is committed to business excellence, while also creating St’át’imc opportunities for wealth, self-sufficiency and capacity development, and adhering to Nxekmenlhkálha lti Tmícwa and St’át’imc values.
SER intends on creating a collaborative business development strategy with the singular focus of building business partnerships to stimulate the sustainable economic development for St’át’imc peoples and their lands